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little girl who knows whats upI wasn’t sure what I was going to think about the following website. After all, we third wave feminists are always at each others throats for being the “wrong kind” of feminist, since through the past 30 years there have been fads in believing every tangent of contradiction possible.
But the website About-Face, I think, is a unifying force. The blog is great, with much-needed cultural critiques of everything from television to women’s gym habits. Best of all is the Hall of Offenders, where especially misogynistic or chauvinist ads are not only displayed but also dissected piece by offensive, denigrating piece. About-Face also realizes that the other hand of critique is activism, and thus has sections of ways you can Fight the Patriarchial Hegemony (I don’t want to just fight the Man, I want to fight the system, dude/ttes!) But I really think this section needs our help. There are more creative and attention-grabbing methods of fucking with Glamour magazine than writing a complaint letter. Luckily, About-Face has a bulletin board for new proactive ideas to get at ’em.
I think all of us would be better with a little About-Face surfing now and then (men included!)

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