Monsieur Chop Chop

While Packard and Steve were dreaming of an awesome future on the bus stops and billboards of San Francisco, someone else was dreaming up much bloodier situations on the bus stops and billboards of London! An anonymous graffiti hero known as THE DECAPITATOR has been liberally choppin’ off heads, or at least, covering up the heads with bloody neck stump illustrations, from gratuitous ads down on the streets that Banksy made famous. Instead of spray paint and stencils, it appears the Decapitator is using some awesome Photoshop skills and wheat-paste.

Robespierre would be proud.pimmsdecap1.jpg

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  1. Posted January 6, 2008 at 7:06 pm | Permalink

    Rather than wheatpaste, I bet it’s adhesive vinyl. You can get it from a variety of places in different brands and finishes. Packard and I used ir for the AAA bus stop bench project and I used it for several projects. Check out these handy instructions…

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    […] You have to check out The Decapatator:A little gruesome but extremely creative anti-advertising campaign. Some great photoshopping skillz. [via] and [via] […]

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