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“Beer here!”: The Poster and the Public Notice in Rural Rwanda

The journey along Rwanda’s winding mountain roads is a bustling scene rural life, farm work, and commerce dotted with sparse, intermittent signage. In the most densely populated nation in Africa, advertising is thin. There are no shop signs or billboards. The looping eucalyptus and mud brick facades sporadically feature a lone 16″ x 20″ splash […]

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Spam Infographics

Spam is the definition of disruptive advertising — tirelessly attacking inboxes with thinly-veiled (although delightfully ridiculous) sales pitches: “I know what women do on the farm. NEVER leave them there lonely!” and promises: “Your little friend will turn from a small pumpkin to a big king!” However, spam is a much broader social phenomenon: it […]

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New York Post – [Very] Special Edition

I was lucky to be involved with a great group of people (including the Yes Men) who produced a counterfeit – although 100% factually accurate – special edition New York Post for the kick-off of climate week. Distributed yesterday morning to surprised NYC commuters, the paper replaced the oft frivolous Post content with imperative stories […]

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A Funny Place to Advertise Pizza

Couldn’t resist…

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Confusing on several levels…

Welcome Kelli Anderson, our newest latest on the Anti-Advertising Agency site. Kelli worked on the New York Times Special Edition designing ads for Dr. Zizmor among other things. Welcome Kelli! “For sale” realty signs are a familiar sight in post-real-estate-bubble Williamsburg. It was only a matter of time until some super clever ad exec co-opted […]

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