Portland Summer Advertising Smorgasbord

This is a mixed up collection of funny advertising pictures from my 5 weeks in Portland. Some funny, some tragic, some WTR R U Serious?!!

dont advertise

The lamppost with all the flyers for music shows says “Dont Advertise” but… do they mean, don’t advertise anything other than indy rock. Or does no one care?

corn syrup

At first we thought that the Ginger Ale was listed as Sugar Free because it has Corn Syrup in it, not real Sugar. That would have been some amazing mislabling. Instead, they just ran out of the diet version, and slid everything over. Kind of a let down, but still funny.

Just In: Container from China

The antique store has its new antiques, delivered in a new container from china. Oh, authenticity.

Mens Multi

And the Mens Multi. So much for the rumors that it doesn’t exist.

panty party because sex sells

And last but not least, this young woman was go-go dancing in her red-white-blue underwear on the street corner in NW Portland trying to get people to come into the lingerie shop for a big sale. Sex sells, but is that really how bad the economy is, that the company is that desperate, and the young woman is that willing to… dance near-naked on the street for money? I mean, I wholly approve dancing naked on the street for fun, but for money, its just a whole other thing.

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  1. Jamie says:

    Ahhh! So funny. If you think the half naked woman dancing in her underwear is strange you should visit South Korea. It’s pretty much the standard here. At least the woman is wearing what she’s selling. Here scantily clad dance groups will advertise for all kinds of shops durning their sales or events.

    Still I’m surprised to see all that in Portland.

  2. About 150 miles north of you, the only people selling coffee are half-naked women. It’s become a strange trend. I cannot get a job at a coffee place unless I take off all my clothes. Yes they have guys selling coffee too.

  3. 150 miles north of Portland? As in… Seattle? Or North Korea. Something tells me its not North Korea.

    So do the guys have to be half naked? And why is this trend manifesting in Seattle, a very cold climate, and not, say, Los Angeles?

    And… do you have any pictures? I mean… not because there is a shortage of half naked women OR men on the Internet.

  4. South of Seattle actually. As in Puyallup, Auburn, etc. No i don’t have pictures.

  5. Girl in the Photo says:

    Sadly their marketing strategy was all wrong… I was advertising for a gay men’s upscale underpants store.

    Besides, now I can look back and say, I danced on a street corner for free … before it was cool.

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