How to Live in a City

YouTube – How to Live in a City

While decades old, this reminds me of the great videos about public space, city planning and transportation put out by StreetsFilms right now. But how did they make a film about public space in New York in that era without Jane Jacobs?

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  1. Emily Gallagher says:

    This film was made by George Stoney, who is called “the father of public access television.” He directed the “Challenge for Change” project as well as founded the Alternative Media Center in 1972. Both of those programs aimed to educate everyday people, as well as socially disadvantaged people like Native Americans, to use documentary filmmaking to express their experiences. He’s an amazing man and made hundreds of movies about the experience of being a part of different types of towns.

    Best of all, he’s still alive! :-)

  2. Susan says:

    Great film. What was important when this film was made is still important today.

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