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The NY Street Art Takeover Map

via publicadcampaign.com: View NYSAT Project Map 04-25-2009 in a larger map This map shows illegal/unpermitted NPA City Outdoor locations located in Lower Manhattan. All the ads together cover approximately 29,450 square feet of our public environment. On April 25th approximately 30 participants whitewashed nearly 120 street level billboards in broad daylight between the hours of […]

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Virgin America goes “street” – why?

Dear Virgin America, This really doesn’t make any sense at all to me. These stencil ads are spray-painted around my neighborhood in Brooklyn. They’re for a Virgin America campaign. I know this because I fly Virgin America. Of course I’m very reluctant to remotely endorse any commerical product on this site, I gotta tell the […]

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NYT: Reporting a Crime as a Business Opportunity

Just sent the following letter to the New York Times: Re: As Storefronts Become Vacant, Ads Arrive Peter Sherman of advertising firm BBDO was quoted in your story, “All you have to do is walk out the door for lunch and notice the number of vacant storefronts — and they tend to be in prime […]

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Whitewashers from NYSAT

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Interview with Jordan Seiler of PublicAdCampaign.com

Jordan Seiler of Illegalsigns.ca’s American comrade, PublicAdCampaign.com pulled together what many could argue as one of the largest organized guerilla art campaigns in regards to illegal billboards in recent memory (perhaps ever). Doing all North American cities proud, Seiler, along with over 40 participants, white-washed illegal billboards across the city followed quickly by artwork, messages, […]

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Public Ad Campaign’s Recent Five

1. With a wave of business closures in New York, store fronts are being converted over to street level billboards with little regard for New York City’s sign laws. In these tough economic times it seems cheap adhesive vinyl and corporate crime lose to city permits and legal billboards in the corporate cost-benefit analysis. While […]

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Public Ad Campaign’s Recent Five

Tough economic times call for inventive new ways to use the city, and outdoor advertising is never one to shy away from trying new things, even if they are illegal. Here’s one new form of visual intrusion trying to make its illegal mark on our city. How do you figure out how many illegal billboards […]

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Sign Industry: “The Law is interfering with my illegal income!!”

This is like the mafia complaining that law enforcement hurts their business… Sign companies claim billboard fines are crippling the ad industry BY Adam Lisberg DAILY NEWS CITY HALL BUREAU CHIEF New York’s crackdown on oversized billboards is hurting the ad industry, as sign companies say inspectors are hitting them with huge fines for minor infractions. […]

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Poster Boy; NYPD You’ve Got The Wrong Man!

According to the New York Times, “Poster Boy” was arrested on Saturday night. While most other street or graffiti artists concentrate on adding their own imagery, illegally, to parts of the subway system, Poster Boy, a kind of anti-consumerist Zorro with a razor blade, a sense of humor and a talent for collage, has made […]

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Mixed Messages

14th Street, New York City, January 8th. I keep hearing of more and more billionaires killing themselves. End times…

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More Bad Calls from the NY MTA

The New York MTA, in collaboration with CBS Outdoor, wants to cover the windows of subway cars with advertising. This story at the NYTimes Cityroom blog is peppered with rationalizations from the MTA. Here’s one of my favorites: “[T]ransit officials say that advertising revenue is not the main motivation for the program.” (Transit officials, not […]

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NY Times Prank

This is why we’ve been a bit quiet lately. Embedded video from CNN Video New York Times Special Edition Video News Release – Nov. 12, 2008 from H Schweppes on Vimeo.

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NYT: City Room Blog – Ad or Art? Chanel’s 2.55 vs. Zoning’s C5-3

Vinyl billboard blankets have been draped over all kinds of buildings, but they’re not usually found obscuring the glittering luxury outlets along East 57th Street. Chanel, however, has done that very thing: hanging a big piece of vinyl over its building at No. 15, promoting Mobile Art, an exhibition by the architect Zaha Hadid that […]

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Quick Links

What I’ve been reading this week: New York Magazine on “Product integration, 30 Rock, and the trouble with using brands to write TV.” New York Magazine (again): “Slice and Dice – One man’s vandalism is another’s political art. Just ask Poster Boy, the Matisse of subway-ad mash-ups.” Art Vs. Advertising – compiling info you may […]

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Demand a Read/Write City

This is graffiti: it’s spray paint it’s done without permission on someone else’s property it’s illegal politicians hate it It’s the expression of a citizen (or small group of citizens) in public space speaking to fellow citizens. Anyone, willing to take the legal risk, can do it. This is advertising: it’s printed vinyl it’s done […]

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