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Quickstyle: 1. Where’s our Anne Elizabeth Moore been? Reporting on the RNC police state crackdown. You can read about it on Daily Kos. 2. Jordan Seiler is finding Midtown is full of illegal billboards. 3. Jordan also found an Avenue C mural that’s been covered with ads. Boooo! 4. If you care about changing the […]

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New York City’s Struggle to Take Down Illegal Billboards

from the Village Voice with IllegalBillboards.org‘s own Jordan Seiler. City government and citizen vigilantes wage a losing battle against Clear Channel and illegal ads By Elizabeth Dwoskin Over the past seven years, Jordan Seiler estimates that he’s taken down hundreds of billboards, posters, and other signs to replace advertising in public places with his own […]

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Buenos Aires to Remove 40 Thousand Billboards to Fight Visual Pollution

this just in from Treehugger (thanks Sam!) (Photo: alex-s.) The Buenos Aires government and a group of advertising associations have agreed to remove 40 thousand billboards that are infracting the city’s code, Clarin newspaper informed. This represents about 60% of the total amount of billboards. This agreement is part of a government plan to put […]

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IllegalBillboards.org is a new effort launched by the Anti-Advertising Agency with IllegalSigns.ca to help organize and support the removal of illegal billboards in New York (we’ll get to the rest of the country soon I hope!). IllegalBillboards.org consists of a forum and blog where you can learn how to investigate an illegal sign and track […]

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CBC on IllegalSigns.ca

Go Rami!

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In Philly Colt 45 ads are illegal as an unregistered handgun

Philadelphia, famous for it’s murals, has had some new additions to the walls – hand painted illegal ads for Colt 45. The people of Philadelphia have already managed to get Colt 45 Malt Liquor ads off their city buses due to community concerns. Yesterday they beat the murals. Some more than 4 word long excerpts […]

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Our Regularly Scheduled Programming . . .

Clocking in a bit late to my Anti-Friday work day, ooops, and I’m revisiting an old issue: street artist Fauxreel’s blatantly criminal spring motorscooter ad series in his native Toronto. It’s a modern classic tale: corporate gas-guzzling motor vehicle manufacturer wants to up the street cred with some ads by a jen-yoo-wine member of the […]

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Why You Should Be In New York July 1st

Activists estimate that half the billboards in New York City are illegal. Between fudged permits, lack of enforcement, and millions in profit, outdoor advertising has become a corporate black market that wont flinch at breaking laws to get your attention. On July 1st, the Anti-Advertising Agency and Rami Tabello of IllegalSigns.ca will give a free […]

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Hey, NYC Vandal Task Force – Follow the Money!

Arresting 3,786 graffiti writers last year, The Citywide Vandals Task Force is back in the news. The squad of 75 (!) officers has received press before. Even an 8 minute segment on This American Life. I think it’s because journalists love to ask the vandal squad if they think graffiti is art or not. Hacks. […]

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Casino markets services to gambling addicts, gets hefty fine

Today’s Crane’s Chicago Business story, Casino fined $800K for marketing to banned gamblers, describes a hefty fine awarded Hollywood Casino (in Aurora, IL) by the IL Gaming Board for sending 146 problem gamblers coupons and other promotional materials as part of a marketing campaign. The recovering addicts had even signed up for a self-exclusion problem, […]

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How Valuable Is Our Public Space?

How valuable is our public space to advertisers and marketers? An anonymous agent of the Anti-Advertising Agency made some calls. How much does it currently costs to have street level ads in a city like San Francisco? Here’s some examples. Market Street Kiosks. Background: Three sided containing four by six foot poster advertisements. Introduced to […]

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Clear Channel Messed with LA Weekly and Lost!

by Jill Stewart at the LA Weekly Recently, reporter Christine Pelisek asked the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety for a list of all legal and illegal billboards in L.A. – an embarrassing document that will show the public all 11,000 “points of blight” allowed on local streets by City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo, Mayor […]

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Article on Rami Tabello of IllegalSigns.CA

If you haven’t checked out IllegalSigns.CA yet, Rami Tabello is the man behind the removal of dozens of illegal billboards in Toronto. From IllegalSigns.CA: Humber College’s Convergence Magazine has published this article [PDF] about IllegalSigns.ca. It breaks a bit of new ground with the following quotes: “The billboard lobby is a very powerful lobby,they do […]

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Advertising Scofflaw Assaults NYT Reporter

From the New York Times’ David W. Dunlap, dated March 27, 2008: The takeover of public space for commercial promotion may be offensive, but it is usually legal. Occasionally, however, it is not. On Friday, March 14, it bordered on the criminal. That’s where I come in. I was the victim. As a Times reporter, […]

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James Howard Kunstler on Public Space

In this video James Howard Kunstler picks apart urban development in the United States, getting a few laughs in the process. In talking about creating “places that people care about” this struck me: “The public realm is the physical manifestation of the public good. And when you degrade the public realm you will automatically degrade […]

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