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Farm Aid

If you’ve been out to a show, club, bar—or hell, just outside your house lately—and you live in an urban area and are a certain kind of person (say, tattoo-having, or pierced)—you’ve likely been offered the exciting opportunity to receive, free of charge, a few boxes of Camel cigarettes. By some funny-colored-hair dude. Just for […]

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IllegalSigns.CA, we love you.

If you ever looked at the overwhelming amount of advertising in urban spaces and questioned whether or not you can make a difference, you most certainly can. Meet Rami Tabello, the man behind my new favorite website: IllegalSigns.CA. The Toronto based site tracks illegal signs, as well as lax enforcement through freedom of information requests […]

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Playing Catch Up

It’s been quiet here for a while. I’ve been busy these past few weeks on a side project for Conflux. But more than that, a big new project with Packard Jennings (see Bus Stop Ad Project) has been taking up most of my time. It’s finally done and will be installed on Market Street in […]

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You Are A Captive Audience

Here’s some miscellaneous links about advertisers seeing people in their everyday lives as a “captive audience” for their sales pitch. Enjoy! Fillboard Fillboard specializes in “handheld outdoor advertising” meaning they put ads on the pumps at gas stations. The site explains, “consumers interact with your with your ad during the 3-5 minute refueling process.” (What […]

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NY Dept. of Buildings Strikes Back!

After years of insufficient fines and lax enforcement, the Department of Buildings (under public pressure) has begun to do their jobs. And they’re having an impact. Since earlier this year there’s been a noticeable decrease in illegal banner ads on constructions sheds and scaffolding. Now, The New York Department of Buildings is going into “phase […]

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City fights illegal gig posters with CANCELLED stickers

In a remarkable “Plate of Shrimp”/cosmic unsconsiousness type event, this popped up on BoingBoing today. City fights illegal gig posters with CANCELLED stickers The city council of Glasgow is fighting illegal handbills with science: they’re paying city workers to go around and stick “cancelled” stickers on all the illegal gig posters put up around town. […]

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Microsoft marketers get the slap from Austin PD

In a rare instance of illegal marketers getting caught and being photographed in the process, Austin P.D. arrest a posterer for Microsoft Zune at SXSW this week and we get to enjoy it a bit. Marketers, desperate to stand out among advertising saturation, continue to use illegal methods. However, (as mentioned here before) advertisers are […]

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Who Hates Guerilla Marketing in Boston? (Updated again)

Today in the NY Times, CNN, and news stations across the country you may have heard about bomb scares in Boston that turned out to be guerilla marketing. It’s well known that marketing steals ideas from artists. But the connections are rarely so clear as they are in this case, and we don’t often get […]

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Sáo Paulo Bans Outdoor Advertising in 2007

From last month’s New York Times and posted here in case it becomes difficult to access in the future. And a special note of hope to residents of the United States: as fantastic as a the Sáo Paulo ban sounds, remember that Vermont, Alaska, Hawaii, and Maine have all banned billboards in their state. There […]

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AMNY: Chase Caves on Illegal Sidewalk Ads

AM New York reports on more illegal advertising in New York (see also NY Press’ story on illegal scaffolding advertising). “The bank is promising the city it will turn off projectors at about two dozen branches that have been casting the company’s big blue logo onto sidewalks. The decision followed press inquiries about the advertisements, […]

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Wired News: Sony Graffiti

From Wired News: Seeking to market its handheld game device to hip city dwellers, Sony has hired graffiti artists in major urban areas to spray-paint buildings with simple, totemic images of kids playing with the gadget. But the guerrilla marketing gambit appears to be drawing scorn from some of the street-savvy hipsters it’s striving to […]

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