Para Los Gente de la Conferencia en Barcelona a CCCB

foto de: por venir. Este es las photos de mi presentacion, sin audio, en flash. Es 56mb, por tanto darle tiempo. ¿Tiene Preguntas? Escribirme (pero es mejor si en Ingles, si possible).

Lo siento, yo no se hablar o escribir Catalan. Vale.

And in case my Spanish is as bad as I think it is, here it is again in English.

For the people from the Barcelona talk at CCCB

Thank you for coming. This is the images from my presentation, without audio, in flash. It is 56mb, so give it time. If you have questions, write me, but it’s better if you write me in English if possible.

I’m sorry I don’t know how to speak or write Catalan.

Here’s some related links in the order of when I mentioned them in talk:

  1. Eyebeam OpenLab
  2. San Francisco Anti-War Protests
  3. Critical Mass
  4. 924 Gilman Street (and the Bay Area punk scene)
  5. Black Panthers
  6. The Diggers on wikipedia and
  7. Survival Research Labs
  8. Graffiti in San Francisco
  9. Barry McGee / Twist
  10. Billboard Liberation Front and BLF’s Art and Science of Billboard Improvement Instruction Set
  11. San Franicisco Murals
  12. my ADVERTISEMENT mural
  13. Instructions for ADVERTISMENT mural
  14. Social Marketing – using marketing concepts and techniques for the public good. Often used in health campaigns.
  15. Stages of Change Theorybrief summary (there is a lot of writing on this)
  16. I CAN’T RELAX mural
  18. Budget Gallery and Budget Gallery instruction set
  19. The Anti-Advertising Agency
  20. AdLib Poster Campaign and blank poster pdf
  21. AAA Portable Sound Units and instruction set
  22. You Don’t Need It Stickers with Packard Jennings send me candy and your address and I will send you some for free. Feel free to print your own in Catalan
  24. Individual Change and Policy Change (Public Will)
  25. The Federal Highway Beautification Act of 1964
  26. Maine, Vermont, Alaska, and Hawaii State Billboard Bans
  27. NY Dept. of Buildings – What You Need to Know About Advertising Signs
  28. Advertisers break laws, pay fines, and make a profit.
  29. NY Dept. of Buildings Enforcement
  30. with StayFree Magazine
  31. IlegalSigns.CA
  32. Abstractor by Ji Lee
  33. Light Criticism
  34. Pixelator by Jason Eppink
  35. SF Ad Ban wins in recent election
  36. Oakland wins court battle with advertisers
  37. On The Media on Sao Paolo, Brazil’s advertising ban

…all that in a 20 minute talk!

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  1. Chiqui says:

    Hello Steve, I was in your conference in CCCB (Bcn), I´m a Fine Arts student here in Barcelona and now I´m working with toy art and the subject “against the tuna tins”, I´m interesting in environment so with these toys I pretent that people think about the huge consum of some species as tuna, and the untenable fishing specially here in the Mediterranean Sea. I liked your pieces of packaging: Rosa cola tins, and i-pop, because it´s the way I´d like to act, leaving the toys in the supermarket.
    Thanks for the enjoyable lecture!!

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