Do you want TV ads on Bart?

Bart TrainBay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is considering adding televisions to their trains and platforms, which would show 20 minutes of advertising per hour. The article mentions the advertising becoming a source of revenue for transit, although BART has a surplus this year, and according to BARTs estimates the additional revenue would, at best, be .01% of the annual budget.

Commercial Alert, a non-profit watchdog of commercial culture, is running a campaign in which you can send email to all the Bart Commissioners letting them know what you think of the proposal. As a long time Bay Area resident I had to chime in and let them know I wouldn’t want to be captive audience for advertising on public transportation.

(as a side note, I have met one of the BART Commissioners, Tom Radulovich, who also runs a great organization called Livable City. They’re not all bureaucrats. Your email could make a difference.)

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  1. Irene says:

    That’s a grea little program that automatically sends the emails! I think it’s way more effective!
    Thanks, Steve!


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