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2 Samaras Project Posters

Josh MacPhee has made two Samaras Project posters in pdf form downloadable for free. They are based on our Samaras Project Postcards (also downloadable for free). Print them out and hang them up in your town!

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5 Samaras Project Post Cards

We have available for download the set of 5 postcards (9.1mb download) distributed in the Samaras Project (example above). Each postcard is intended to promote a different alternative economy existing within the U.S economy. For more information, check SamarasProject.net.

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You Don’t Need It – Stickers

Based on the popularity of the Packard Jennings and the Anti-Advertising Agency’s Bus Stop Bench project we had some stickers made. They are easy to carry around town and by placing the stickers onto advertising (or other objects) the ad is detourned, often in humorous and interesting ways. Listen to Steve Lambert talk about the […]

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You Don’t Need It – Stickers

Download an EPS file of the sticker and print your own!

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AAA Street Team in SF Financial District

The Anti-Advertising Agency’s street team hit downtown San Francisco on Wednesday at noon to promote alternative economies. As part of the The Samaras Project, a series of postcards promoting worker owned co-operatives, gleaning, gift economies, open culture, and other economies were distributed to white-collar workers. Check out The Samaras Project. Media: download a press release.

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Portable Sound Units at Conflux 2006

Sara Dierck and Steve Lambert installed AAA Portable Sound Units around the Conflux Festival in Brooklyn in September of 2006.

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Bus Stop Advertising Project

As an artist who works regularly with problematic social issues, Packard Jennings has had an adversarial relationship with advertising for a long time. Working with the Anti-Advertising Agency Jennings created a series of anti-advertisements for Oakland bus benches based on manipulative tactics commonly used by advertisers, such as: the manufacturing of desire, using fear, targeting […]

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Sound Unit Sound Files

Download some of the 49 clips that were loaded into the Portable Sound Units, or download a .zip file of all 49 clips. Also available from the Internet Archive. These files are licenses with a Creative Commons license and we welcome them to be remixed, sampled, and reused in derivative work.

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Portable Sound Unit Installation

See photos from the installation of Sara Dierck, Michael Dodge, and Steve Lambert’s Portable Sound Units.

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AAA Posters

Agency posters pasted up in the streets. More images?

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