5 Samaras Project Post Cards


We have available for download the set of 5 postcards (9.1mb download) distributed in the Samaras Project (example above). Each postcard is intended to promote a different alternative economy existing within the U.S economy. For more information, check SamarasProject.net.

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  1. R says:

    are you guys against corporations and economy?

  2. Lewis says:

    Missing the point somewhat? It would seem (based on this postcard right here) that they are certainly not “against economy” and hypocritical in being against corporations per say, as they are proclaiming they’re own private ownership. They are effectively they’re own corporation. What we need to address is the huge amount of deception, corruption, self-interest etc etc with the structure that allows corporations and the most powerful institutions to act in all the terrible ways they do. You can’t go around blaming certain companies acting within this system and having anti this and anti that and of course anti advertising, advertising is not your problem, it is its usage and narrow role in the greater structure. And again “We own it” as an isolated message is hypocritical; this should not be your focus. If your ‘alternative economy’ is going to work, it needs to expand the positive ideas, and not battle the negative ones.

  3. I definitely think advertising is not the problem, the problem lies with advertisers and the stuff they produce and use.

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