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Our Regularly Scheduled Programming . . .

Clocking in a bit late to my Anti-Friday work day, ooops, and I’m revisiting an old issue: street artist Fauxreel’s blatantly criminal spring motorscooter ad series in his native Toronto. It’s a modern classic tale: corporate gas-guzzling motor vehicle manufacturer wants to up the street cred with some ads by a jen-yoo-wine member of the […]

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I’m Doing This to Win Your Heart: June 21 Chgo film fest

Join AAAFFF Executive Director Anne Elizabeth Moore and filmmaker Franklin Lopez at the Hideout on the Solstice to watch a charming and hilarious batch of brilliant little anticorporate films*. It’s all designed to bring you, dear reader, back into the fold of independent cultural production. Won’t you join us? It’s just one night. i’m doing […]

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Minneapolis Events

The National Conference on Media Reform is in Minneapolis this weekend, and I’m all over it. Come say hi, or if you’re not going to the conference, stop by Arise! bookstore on Sunday night for a Foundation For Freedom PowerPoint Presentation (FFFPPP). (And yes, no real column again. Next week, devoted readers!) June 7: Panel […]

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Secret Dialogue: The Rob Walker Interview

Rob Walker’s upcoming book, Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, is a compelling narrative of consumer culture, drawn occasionally from his regular notes from the field for the New York Times Magazine. Multinationals don’t determine brand meaning, he argues. People do. Yet people don’t tend to leverage that […]

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Casino markets services to gambling addicts, gets hefty fine

Today’s Crane’s Chicago Business story, Casino fined $800K for marketing to banned gamblers, describes a hefty fine awarded Hollywood Casino (in Aurora, IL) by the IL Gaming Board for sending 146 problem gamblers coupons and other promotional materials as part of a marketing campaign. The recovering addicts had even signed up for a self-exclusion problem, […]

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Testify!: AAAFFF Testimonials From Real (and Former!) Ad Pros

I’ll plan to update these regularly, but for now, here are just a few of the comments that have come across my desk at the AAAFFF since taking over the ED position: “I have worked for the past 4 years (since I graduated from a very prestigious culinary school) doing R&D for a food manufacturer […]

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Anarchy: The Videogame

I know I said that posting would be sparse if at all while I was doing my residency at AS220 but, you know, this picture from a park in Barcelona came across my virtual desk courtesy the brilliant Matt Malooly in Chicago and I had to share its deeply conflictual messages with you. As you […]

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Unmarketable in Columbus and Chicago: featuring the AAAFFF and Pamela Anderson in a bikini

Hey! I’m doin’ some stuff! Friday April 25, 6 pm: Wexner Center, 15th and High St., Columbus OH Unmarketable reading and 2008 AAAFFFA application drive (see reviews below) Friday April 25, 8 pm: Sporeprint Infoshop, 172 E 5th Avenue, Columbus, OH Unmarketable slide talk featuring Pamela Anderson (see reviews below) Sunday April 27, 7 pm: […]

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True Colors

Throughout the media circus that is our election season, few have thought to query: but what do the Dutch think? Luckily, Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei and Jonas Staal have been in residence at InCUBATE here in Chicago working steadily on The Barack Obama Project. Their work hones in on the marketing of racial identity […]

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Foundation For Freedom announces grant program: The 2008 AAAFFFA

Introducing the newest and latest Anti-Advertising Agency project from Steve Lambert and Anne Elizabeth Moore. Let’s face it: everyone hates advertising. Be honest! Even you, Mr. or Ms. Man in the Grey Flannel Suit: when you go on vacation you prefer a remote locale, far away from the hustle and bustle of billboards, commercial radio, […]

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The Cute Boy on the CTA

It’s my birthday today, so of course I’m off to the amazing Polish salt caves of northern Chicago with my friend Liz, and I’m therefore gonna forgo the whole critical engagement with the ad industry thing and just tell you a story. So a couple days ago, I was riding the train, when a super […]

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Branded Event Radicalizes Mommy Bloggers

An exclusive branded vacation/soiree intended for some mommy bloggers—but not others—succeeded this week in raising some questions about transparency, PR, and free shit. Not, surely, the kind of buzz the fancy party was intended to start. The party was thrown by market giant Johnson & Johnson. The location was DisneyLand, owned by the Disney Company, […]

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Trojan Horse

Recently back from Cambodia, welcome back to the AAA, Anne Elizabeth Moore! The great Facebook Ad Debate of November 2007 centered entirely on whether it would work—meaning, would people who did not buy certain products before alter their spending patterns now?—and whether or not it would change advertising forever—meaning, are online social advertising networks the […]

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How Advertising Will Undo Itself (scenario one)

An AdAge story from earlier this week reports on charges of hypocrisy leveled against Unilever for two separate ad campaigns for two distinct products in its portfolio: Axe, a men’s perfume that is ascribed all sorts of woman-controlling properties in ads, most of which involve her removing clothing in the wearer’s presence, and Dove, a […]

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Farm Aid

If you’ve been out to a show, club, bar—or hell, just outside your house lately—and you live in an urban area and are a certain kind of person (say, tattoo-having, or pierced)—you’ve likely been offered the exciting opportunity to receive, free of charge, a few boxes of Camel cigarettes. By some funny-colored-hair dude. Just for […]

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