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Support Jordan at Public Ad Campaign

Jordan Seiler has been fighting hard to make our streets more livable and interesting. I would easily attribute his hard work to the creation of this competition and this substantial change at the New York Department of Buildings – enforcing the removal of illegal advertising on construction sites and placing art there instead. Now we […]

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On Corporate Graffiti – via Urban Prankster

We’ve covered the New York Street Advertising Takeover quite a few times on this site, but we wanted to share this new short documentary by Sarah Berman. It does a great job of telling the story of the project and the positive impact it had on our streets. In related news, the first Toronto Street […]

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Support Unlogo, a Corporate Identity Media Filter

Friend of the AAA and occasional contributor to this site, Jeff Crouse, has a new project he’s trying to get some support for.  Unlogo is a web service that eliminates logos and other corporate signage from your personal media. From Jeff: On a practical level, it takes back your personal media from the corporations and […]

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Billboard in Japan Can Determine Your Age and Gender, Recommend Soft Drink Based on Profile

Post from SlashGear It seems that Japan is taking these interactive billboards seriously. When the idea was first postulated, it seemed that only vending machines would be getting the makeover, and the interactiveness would be limited to simply getting directions and picking your favorite drink. But, now a 47-inch (the vending machines were “only” 46-inches) […]

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“But Advertising is Free Speech…”

“But Advertising is protected as Free Speech…” I hear this every once in a while. The problem is that advertising isn’t free speech, in more ways than one. 1. It’s far from free. You can go to any public place and say whatever you want. And anyone else can too. In the United States we’re […]

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The Illusionists » Annals of Offensive Advertising: Nikon

“The Nikon S60. Detects up to 12 faces.” The campaign was produced by the ad agency Euro RSCG/Singapore. via The Illusionists » Blog Archive » Annals of Offensive Advertising: Nikon. Thanks C-Monster

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From the CDC: New Billboard Alterations Salute Israel Following Raid on Gaza Flotilla

From the CDC Press Release The California Department of Corrections (CDC) has unveiled a new campaign of billboard alterations on behalf of the State of Israel. On July 28, 2010 a total of nine billboards were apprehended, rehabilitated and discharged throughout San Francisco, including the intersection of Guerrero and 18th Street (see attached photo). Additional […]

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Enjoy the weekend!

via YIMMY’S YAYOâ„¢.

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Smart License Plates: A Very Dumb Idea?

via Ban Billboard Blight Do you think the idea of California license plates than can show electronic ads is: 1.  A great idea, about time. 2.  Possibly questionable, but let’s study it. 3.  One of the top ten worst ideas of all time. If you answered yes to #1, don’t bother reading further.  If you […]

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Consumer Reports: California considers ads on car license plates

Facing a $19 billion deficit, California is seeking creative solutions to its budget shortfall. The state legislature is considering a program that would allow advertising on license plates, according to the Associated Press. The bill would require new, digital plates, with ads appearing in the space currently occupied by the familiar numbers and letters. The […]

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Scented Billboard Stinks

From AAA reader David Z… In Mooresville, N.C a highway billboard advertising steak sold at Bloom/Food Lion, a grocery store, does more than ruin the visual landscape. It wafts onto motorists the smell of cooking meat. That’s right, it’s a scented billboard. From the local Fox News channel: The scent is emitted by a high-powered […]

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Paradigm Shift

These guys are literally in Boise, Idaho. Awesome. Thanks Ed.

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Illegal Supergraphic Ad Removed From Historic Hollywood Hotel

During his 2009 election campaign, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich promised to crack down on anyone putting up illegal billboards and supergraphic signs. Continuing to make good on that promise, his office has gotten the owners of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to remove the latest in a series of illegal supergraphics that have covered the walls […]

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‘Welcome ad’ not so welcome –

The huge Under Armour logo recently added to the hillside of Federal Hill Park to welcome volleyball players has angered some residents, who say the advertisement detracts from the aesthetics of the historic neighborhood. “It’;s hugely disrespectful,” said Paul W. Robinson, president of the Federal Hill Neighborhood Association. Since the logo was added Thursday night, […]

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Movement Happening on Illegal Signs

March has been a bad time for illegal signs in LA. Finally Illegal Advertisers are going to jail.  Here’s info on some of the latest: LA Weekly profiles advertisers in Los Angeles, as well as AAA compatriot Public Ad Campaign’s Jordan Seiler. Here’s how it starts “Supergraphic multimillionaire Barry Rush couldn’t have been pleased to […]

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