Scented Billboard Stinks

From AAA reader David Z…

Scented Billboard

In Mooresville, N.C a highway billboard advertising steak sold at Bloom/Food Lion, a grocery store, does more than ruin the visual landscape. It wafts onto motorists the smell of cooking meat. That’s right, it’s a scented billboard.

From the local Fox News channel:

The scent is emitted by a high-powered fan at the bottom of the billboard that blows air over cartridges loaded with the BBQ fragrance oil, said Murray Dameron, marketing director for Charlotte-based ScentAir, which provides custom scents and fragrance-delivery systems for businesses, including hotel lobbies, casino gambling and retail stores.

“With all the advertising around, you wanna be able to jump out and really grab the consumer’s attention,” said Angie Hunter, a spokesperson for Bloom stores.

I guess Angie Hunter, nor the town of Mooresville, is concerned about the rights of individuals from having advertising messages forced on them (whether the message is visual or BBQ-scented). Is it time that new ordinances need to be drawn up by local governments regulating this sort of invasive advertising pollution?

via In Mooresville, N.C a highway billboard… – memyselfandhim.

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  1. LOLOL A scented billboard, now that’s innovation. I actually really like that idea.

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