Listening Post: MySpace Play Count Inflaters – The Steroids of the Music Industry

From AAA pal, Eliot Van Buskirk at Listening Post:

Approximately two weeks after we reported on TuneBoom Pro, a tool apparently used by major labels and indie artists to artificially inflate the number of times their songs had been streamed on MySpace, the site has gone offline. We had contacted MySpace about TuneBoom Pro, but it’s unclear whether MySpace had anything to do with the site’s disappearance.

One way or another, the site is offline. However, bands and labels looking for a way to fake MySpace popularity have plenty of other ways to manipulate their play counts on MySpace Music. A reader recently sent in a list of 46 alternatives to the possibly defunct TuneBoom Pro service.

Is it wrong to inflate MySpace song plays? If every other band and label is doing it, you almost have to — just like baseball players and steroids. It’s unlikely that MySpace will be able to defeat every type of play count-increasing technology, just like it’s unlikely that Major League Baseball will ever be able to do away completely with all performance-enhancing drugs.

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  1. Paul Wasser says:

    When labels are looking at new tallent plays on myspace is considered. What is more important is concert draw, BDS numbers, Neilson Sound Scan reports, and the artist BMI, or ASCAP numbers.

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