Announcing: The 2008 AAAFFF Awards Celebration

Me and Steve, sort ofFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Official Foundation for Freedom Press Release
July 29, 2008
Contact: Anne Elizabeth Moore and Steve Lambert – FFF (at)


September 19 Soiree to Celebrate One Lucky Ad Industry Creative Freedom, Giant Check

CHICAGO—The long-awaited Anti-Advertising Agency Foundation For Freedom (AAAFFF) Award Ceremony, to honor the freedom of one of the most forward-thinking and creative professionals in the US, is set for September 19 at an undisclosed location in New York City. The private celebration will be open to all AAAFFF applicants and one single honoree, who will receive all accrued funds, integrity, the opportunity to network with noncommercial creatives, and a giant novelty check.

AAAFFF Award Audience

AAAFFF Award Audience

Additionally, Lambert and Moore will sing a special song to the honoree while wearing fancy attire.

The Friday evening gala will kick off one lucky former ad pro’s future in noncommercial creativity. “We’re really excited to start working with her or him,” AAAFFF Executive Director Moore states. “The creative talents of these individuals have so many immediate and tangible applications: tamping the escalation toward another war with Iran, advocating for immigrants’ rights, creating health services for veterans, educating our nation’s youth. There’s no end to the amazing work that could be done when we stop focusing on product sales!”

The 2008 AAAFFF Award responds to the increasing commercialization of public space, human relationships, journalism and art by decreasing the number of individuals working in industries that directly support these goals. “We wish we could honor all the former advertisers eager to leave their careers,” states Steve Lambert, CEO of the AAA. “Response to our programming has been overwhelming!”

The fund is seeded with hard-earned cash from creative endeavors, donated by Lambert and AAAFFF Executive Director Anne Elizabeth Moore, who will also judge the applications and chose the honoree for the September 19 gala. Hundreds of individuals across the country have donated to the fund, expressing a strong desire to decrease commercialization of the public sphere in any way possible.

Further donations—financial and non-financial—are encouraged and accepted.

Application forms are available now at the Anti-Advertising Agency’s website, and must be typed and postmarked September 1, 2008.

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The mission of the Anti-Advertising Agency Foundation for Freedom is to bring the best and brightest former ad pros together once a year; inspire young people to leave the craft; focus the industry and public at large on the profoundly negative social and economic impacts of advertising; inspire problem-solving methods focused on the most important issues facing the real world; and shine a light on the influence that advertising, media, and marketing industries have on dwindling public space, atrophying human relationships, and the destruction of democracy.

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  1. Calvin Sribniak-Jone says:


    I love the concept of bringing together the dominate creative minds of the marketing industry, I am curious as to your strategy to inspire the marketing youth?

    As a 21 year old Canadian marketer, it seems like a fantastic opportunity to network and learn but I see no opportunity to get involved.

    How do young people get involved and attend this event?

  2. Hi Calvin!

    Thanks so much for your note.

    All you need to do to get involved is to submit your application to the Foundation For Freedom by September 1. That’s a little over three weeks away! So if you’re going to give two week’s notice, you may want to get on it.

    Then, if your application is selected, you will be able to network with all the dynamic young minds you can imagine! But since you will also have to quit your job, and no marketers are allowed to attend, you won’t be able to use it to invigorate your (former) industry.

    Sorry! Hope to see you on the 19th!

  3. Dana Lorraine says:

    Hi there, I’m just an average Jill who does not work in marketing and loves a good party for a good cause. How can regular folk like me get down with the patriots over there at AAAFFF? And what if we aren’t even in NYC on the 19th – will there be some sort of virtual post-party?

  4. Hello, Dana Lorraine!

    Congratulations on whatever wonderful career path you have chosen for yourself that does not primarily hinge on commerce-based creativity, and good luck in your future.

    To attend the 2008 AAAFFF Award Gala Event on September 19th, get the hook-up on our of our networks: 1) become a “fan” of this “page”:; 2) sign up for the AAA mailing list on the front page of this site; or 3) sign up for FanneMAIL and get regular updates about the AAAFFF and other activities:

    Or, simply check back here after the 19th, when we’ll surely post a fabulous array of full-color photographs depicting the soiree and its several near-celebrity attendants.

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