New York Post – [Very] Special Edition

I was lucky to be involved with a great group of people (including the Yes Men) who produced a counterfeit – although 100% factually accurate – special edition New York Post for the kick-off of climate week.

Distributed yesterday morning to surprised NYC commuters, the paper replaced the oft frivolous Post content with imperative stories about climates change, while keeping all other elements equal. The idea was that Post readers do care about climate change (by virtue of their desire to remain both comfortable and alive), the paper just needs some assistance finding their greener voice. Generously, we were there to offer a helping hand – demonstrating how the Post could use their hallmark writing style and punny headlines to tackle important environmental issues. Read all of the articles here.

The ads seek to remind consumers of the commonsense value of what they already have, rather than enticing them to buy anything new. Can you imagine the sheer brilliance of tap water — it is delicious, refreshing, and LITERALLY comes out of your faucet–and doesn’t cost $1.50 a pop! Can you think of a single earnestly advertised product that rivals tap water’s miraculousness??

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