Exactly what are you selling me?

Give me Capitalism or Give Me Deatlh

Give me Capitalism or Give Me Deatlh & Make Love not Capitalism

On the LES of NYC. Too slick. What are they selling? Whose campaign is this?

enhanced water

Just imagine for a moment: you sit down for dinner, and you are asked, would you like bottled, tap, or enhanced water tonight?

divorce for men only...

is this a self help group, or a legal practices or a political statement?


a film festival of just ads. gag me.

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  1. my guess is that the capitalism posters are ads for the latest Micheal Moore movie.

  2. Oh, what a capitalist…

    “Before the film, the crowd sipped champagne and cocktails in the “Morgan Stanley Lobby” and then headed to their seats in the “Citi Balcony.” Movie tickets were available at the “Bank of New York Box Office” and there’s outdoor seating at the “Credit Suisse Information Grandstand.” “


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