AMNY: Chase Caves on Illegal Sidewalk Ads

Chase sidewalk projection advertisementAM New York reports on more illegal advertising in New York (see also NY Press’ story on illegal scaffolding advertising).

“The bank is promising the city it will turn off projectors at about two dozen branches that have been casting the company’s big blue logo onto sidewalks.

The decision followed press inquiries about the advertisements, which by city law are considered sidewalk defacement and are punishable by fines, a spokesman for the city’s Department of Transportation said Wednesday.

The Chase branches have been projecting the corporate logo onto the sidewalk near the front doors during the past three weeks.

The transportation spokesman said that following the inquiries about Chase, agency inspectors were dispatched for the first time specifically to enforce the sidewalk projection prohibition.”

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  1. R says:

    this is ridiculous i think they should be aloud to project adds on the side walk in front of the doors. its as much defacing as a flashlight would be, except of course its blue and an avert for chase. i don’t mind it, in fact i think it is good not only in looks but for the economy.

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