A Quick Guide to Ad-free Web Browsing

Sure, everyone is tired of flashing, jittery messages about credit scores or mortgage rates, but criticism of banner ads and other online advertising has almost become cliché. The backlash has resulted in every current browser offering a pop-up blocker. But it still seems almost impossible to use the web without becoming the collateral damage of an online advertiser trying to hit a target market.

Adblocking software takes the pop-up blocker to it’s next logical step and prevents advertising from being downloaded and displayed. In the place of that mortgage rate ad appears… nothing. A white rectangle where the ad once was. And it’s free. Don’t have adblocking software installed on your computer? Read more for a guide on recommended adblocking options for several browsers.


  • Adblock extension (free)
  • AdblockPlus extension – recommended over Adblock because it automatically downloads filtersets* and can be temporarily disabled with a button in the toolbar (free)

*Note: Filtersets (also free) are periodically released lists that tell Adblock and Adblock Plus what to filter from webpages. Updated Filtersets are released so that Adblock stays current as web advertising strategies change.


  • userContent.css – a CSS based filter. Includes install instructions (free)
  • PithHelmet adblocking and more. $10 US
  • Saft adblocking and more $12 US

Internet Explorer

not recommended. Download Firefox, it’s free.

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  1. Eli says:

    Wow! This is great!

  2. matthias says:

    For OS X users try Camino browser. It has a built in ad-blocker software.

  3. Helen says:

    I Hope you will build a Camino for Windows? Sad to say, I’m still using it.

  4. Helen says:

    Woops. I forgot that you weren’t the Camino web site. Oh well, I hope they read this. Since there is a link on this web site to Camino’s.

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