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Subway HD Screens: Round 6 – Bogota

Pixel Hacking – Decorando la publicidad

If you missed the previous rounds, check em out here:

  1. – Ji Lee
  2. Light Criticism – Anti-Advertising Agency and Graffiti Research Lab
  3. Pixelator – Jason Eppink
  4. Hold Fast Sell Out – Posterchild
  5. Stained Glass – Posterchild

And of course Aram Bartholl had a roll in the lineage.

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Sao Paulo: Before And After

via Ban Billboard Blight.

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Make “Capitalism Work For Me!”

I’m raising funds on a new project. Get involved!

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Fun with Cellophane

Make Sculpture out of those wonderful advert kiosks that Clear Channel has so thoughtfully placed on the sidewalks. They are popping up everywhere and we might as well do something with them. Uppity Bike Commuters would like to share this idea with anyone with access to a roll of Cellophane wrap. Since there is no property damage it’s not illegal as far as we know, but check your local graffiti laws to be sure. One you get running around it, its a lot like a Maypole Dance.

This post was submitted by Uppity Bike Commuters.

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David Shrigley



A David Shrigley piece just sent to me from my friend Christina Kral.

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Public/Private Partnerships: Will Commercialization Save Our City Parks? | Ban Billboard Blight


A great post over at Ban Billboard Blight about the move to allow advertising in Los Angeles Public Parks.

Playground at Holmby Park (Signs added)


Public/Private partnerships. At last week’s meeting of the L.A. City Council’s Budget and Finance Committee, the term kept bobbing like a life preserver grasped for by city agencies at risk of being drowned in a violent tide of red ink. Councilman Bill Rosendahl, speaking of the Recreation and Parks department, said that in the absence of such partnerships “we’re not going to be able to sustain our parks, it’s as simple as that.” The other committee members who spoke–Paul Koretz, Greig Smith, and Chairman Bernard Parks–all nodded assent to Rosendahl’s declaration, apparently feeling no need to examine either its truth or its implications for the city’s future.

That’s too bad, because Rosendahl’s statement amounts to embrace of the idea that a large, modern, wealthy city will have to go hat in hand to corporate boardrooms in order to provide one of the most public and democratic–and many would say, essential–services to its citizens. In the picture painted by the silver tongue of Barry Sanders, the retired corporate lawyer and president of the Recreation and Parks Commission, this means some signs in the parks thanking Wells Fargo and Ralph’s and Taco Bell and whomever else rides to the rescue. “In my view, thanking a sponsor is not blight,” Sanders said. “A closed swimming pool on Monday is blight.”

…read the rest! Public/Private Partnerships: Will Commercialization Save Our City Parks? | Ban Billboard Blight.

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Yep, these cereal boxes light up

via hackaday

“Yep, these cereal boxes light up. They’re using a new branded-technology called eCoupling that provides electricity via induction, which means the shelves have a coil with AC power running through it. The “printed coils” on the boxes allow inventory control and data exchange presumably thanks to a low-power microcontroller. But in the video after the break you can see that the printed lighting on the boxes lets them flash parts of the box art as a way to attract customers’ attention. We’d bet that they’re using electroluminescent materials but we weren’t able to get find specifics on how this is done. We just hope advertisers don’t start rolling noise-makers into their packaging.”

This post was submitted by harcesz.

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The LAMPlatoon: Commercial Remixing Puts Ads on Notice

The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project) believes that educated consumers are the key to meaningful media reform. In addition to bringing media literacy training to youth, parents and educators throughout New York City, The LAMP recently launched LAMPlatoon, a video project exercising Fair Use rights to talk back to and engage with commercials and media messages we see every day. Check out this most recent LAMPlatoon video as an example:

LAMPlatoon: Kia Hamsters, or Fuzzy Faced Minstrels?

Anyone can join LAMPlatoon by making their own video, and work with The LAMP in building a critical mass of proactive media consumers. Click here for more details on submissions, or email Join us today, and put ads on notice!

This post was submitted by Emily Long.

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Advertisers Trademark the Phrase “Radical Media”, Targeting Activists



A corporate media group has trademarked the phrase “Radical Media” and has issued a cease and desist letter to activists using it in the title of their conference, which takes place in London later this year.

The advertisers, @Radical Media, have forced organizers to change the title of the gathering to Rebellious Media Conference. The revised conference logo appears above.

Readers are invited to attend a demonstration outside @Radical Media’s London office:

“We make radical media, You make adverts”
Tuesday, 3rd May
5:00pm – 7:00pm (17:00-19:00)
1 Alfred Mews,

by Heals, off Tottenham Court Road.

Facebook Event

via The Groundswell Blog: Advertisers Trademark the Phrase “Radical Media”, Targeting Activists.

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L.A. Council Members Endorse Plan To Sell Advertising In City Parks

Ocean Front Walk in Venice is locally known as The Boardwalk, although it’s all concrete—the only boards in sight belong to distant surfers waiting to catch a wave. That view to the west is free of the intense commercialism of the inland side of the the Boardwalk, with its crowded T-shirt and souvenir shops, but strollers gazing beachward may soon be greeted by a new sight—advertising signs on light poles, benches, trash cans, and restroom walls and doors.

At yesterday’s meeting of the City Council’s Budget and Finance Committee, Councilman Bill Rosendahl, who represents the Venice area, endorsed the kind of plan put forward last year by the non-profit L.A. Parks Foundation to raise money for city parks maintenance and operations by selling space to what was termed “corporate sponsors.” The Venice Beach part of the plan called for 200 signs on an 8-block stretch of the Boardwalk, a total sign area of almost 10,000 square feet, or the equivalent of 15 full-size billboards.

Read the rest: Bring ‘Em On: L.A. Council Members Endorse Plan To Sell Advertising In City Parks | Ban Billboard Blight.

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Report: Advertising’s “mirror” of society is racist

Actors from black, Asian or other ethnic minority groups appeared in only 5% of the almost 35,000 TV ads screened in the UK last year, according to a report.

The report by Clearcast, the body that vets all commercials before they are broadcast, found that TV advertising is “drastically under-representing” the ethnic minority groups. Black, Asian and those of other ethnic minorities account for about 13% of the UK population.

Clearcast’s report, which marks the first in-depth look at the racial makeup of UK television advertising, found that of the total of 34,499 commercials given the green light last year just 1,845, or 5.3%, used actors from a non-white background.

via Only 5% of TV ads feature ethnic minorities | Media |

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Artist Kim Beck puts vacant billboard sculptures on High Line Park

Interview with the artist Kim Beck, who realized the latest project of the Public Art program of the High Line Park in New York City. The project consists of ;consists of three sculptures that are installed on roofs of buildings close to the High Line.

via Lee Walton

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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold – Trailer

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Waffle Shop Billboard: Rent it for only $100 a Week!

The folks at the amazing Waffle Shop and Conflict Kitchen (do yourself a favor and check out those projects) are making their Billboard available at very reasonable rates. (I rented it for the week of March 27th!) Here’s the info:


We like to think of the billboard as an experimental publishing and broadcast system for stories, thoughts, and ideas. We know you want to get a message out but we also ask you try to push beyond the conventional and think creatively in your submission.



Here’s how it works:

  • We are looking to promote stories and ideas and as opposed to businesses. We will reserve a few spots for non-profits, but request that they keep the aforementioned in mind.
  • We are able to accommodate roughly 25 characters a line (including spaces) for a total of 125 or less characters on the 5 lines of the billboard.
  • We will change the text every Sunday or the next day if the weather is bad (since it does involve two people up on a billboard for four hours)
  • For people that want to rent for a month it’s $400, plus $50.00 for any weekly changes beyond the original post with the maximum cost being $550 for the month.
  • All text for the billboard must be approved by the Waffle Shop as well as Eve Picker from We Do Property and Skip Schwab from East Liberty Development (they haven’t said no yet).
  • Email us if you are interested at

via Rent Our Billboard For Only $100 a Week! – Waffle Shop Billboard.

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Drug Marketing Increases Risk of Illness, Study Finds — Commercial Alert

The more widely drug companies market a drug, the less many users of the drug tend to benefit from its use and the more likely they are be harmed by it, a new report finds. Researchers Donald Light, PhD, of the UMDNJ-School of Osteopathic Medicine and Howard Brody, MD, of the University of Texas Medical Branch call their finding the Inverse Benefit Law, and describe it in a paper published online in the American Journal of Public Health.

“The Inverse Benefit Law means that the more widely a drug is marketed, the more diluted becomes its effectiveness,” noted Light, “but the more people are exposed to its harmful side effects. The Inverse Benefit Law applies to most drugs advertised on television or in other mass media.”

In one example, Light and Brody point out that expert guidelines have steadily lowered the blood glucose levels that determine a diagnosis for diabetes. As this threshold was lowered from 140 milligrams per deciliter to 126 and then to 110, millions of additional patients received medications originally formulated to treat people above the original, higher thresholds. The authors argue there is little evidence that people at the lower thresholds are helped by the medications, and yet all were exposed to the drugs’ potential side effects.Read more:

via Drug Marketing Increases Risk of Illness, Study Finds — Commercial Alert and healthcanal

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