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Artist Kim Beck puts vacant billboard sculptures on High Line Park

Interview with the artist Kim Beck, who realized the latest project of the Public Art program of the High Line Park in New York City. The project consists of ;consists of three sculptures that are installed on roofs of buildings close to the High Line.

via Lee Walton

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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold – Trailer

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Waffle Shop Billboard: Rent it for only $100 a Week!

The folks at the amazing Waffle Shop and Conflict Kitchen (do yourself a favor and check out those projects) are making their Billboard available at very reasonable rates. (I rented it for the week of March 27th!) Here’s the info:


We like to think of the billboard as an experimental publishing and broadcast system for stories, thoughts, and ideas. We know you want to get a message out but we also ask you try to push beyond the conventional and think creatively in your submission.



Here’s how it works:

  • We are looking to promote stories and ideas and as opposed to businesses. We will reserve a few spots for non-profits, but request that they keep the aforementioned in mind.
  • We are able to accommodate roughly 25 characters a line (including spaces) for a total of 125 or less characters on the 5 lines of the billboard.
  • We will change the text every Sunday or the next day if the weather is bad (since it does involve two people up on a billboard for four hours)
  • For people that want to rent for a month it’s $400, plus $50.00 for any weekly changes beyond the original post with the maximum cost being $550 for the month.
  • All text for the billboard must be approved by the Waffle Shop as well as Eve Picker from We Do Property and Skip Schwab from East Liberty Development (they haven’t said no yet).
  • Email us if you are interested at

via Rent Our Billboard For Only $100 a Week! – Waffle Shop Billboard.

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Drug Marketing Increases Risk of Illness, Study Finds — Commercial Alert

The more widely drug companies market a drug, the less many users of the drug tend to benefit from its use and the more likely they are be harmed by it, a new report finds. Researchers Donald Light, PhD, of the UMDNJ-School of Osteopathic Medicine and Howard Brody, MD, of the University of Texas Medical Branch call their finding the Inverse Benefit Law, and describe it in a paper published online in the American Journal of Public Health.

“The Inverse Benefit Law means that the more widely a drug is marketed, the more diluted becomes its effectiveness,” noted Light, “but the more people are exposed to its harmful side effects. The Inverse Benefit Law applies to most drugs advertised on television or in other mass media.”

In one example, Light and Brody point out that expert guidelines have steadily lowered the blood glucose levels that determine a diagnosis for diabetes. As this threshold was lowered from 140 milligrams per deciliter to 126 and then to 110, millions of additional patients received medications originally formulated to treat people above the original, higher thresholds. The authors argue there is little evidence that people at the lower thresholds are helped by the medications, and yet all were exposed to the drugs’ potential side effects.Read more:

via Drug Marketing Increases Risk of Illness, Study Finds — Commercial Alert and healthcanal

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Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising

And there’s more! At Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising.

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Steve Lambert’s Anti-Advertising Agency Takes a Long Coffee Break

From HyperAllergic:

Yesterday, someone suggested to me that artist Steve Lambert’s Anti-Advertising Agency is going dormant after six years of producing some of the most socially engaged work around. For those who may be unfamiliar with the group, they actively co-opted the language of advertising and public relations to question and parody its pervasiveness in our lives. The group is most well-known for its Add-Art project, which invites individuals to curate a small selection of online banners that would replace online advertising through a free Firefox add-on, and the 80,000 copies of their mock New York Times they distributed on November 12, 2008, that declared “Iraq War Ends” and included other “best case scenario news set nine months in the future.”

The ominous looking header on the homepage of the Anti-Advertising Agency, complete with start and end dates, pushed me to contact Lambert about what’s happening with his artistic brainchild.

Read the rest: Steve Lambert’s Anti-Advertising Agency Takes a Long Coffee Break.

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A series of billboard performances where singles occupy available billboards.

Available. from Adam Moser on Vimeo.

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New Look, New Direction

If you’re a regular visitor to the site you’ve noticed design improvements being made incrementally since the summer. A couple days ago I updated the home page to reflect an emphasis on some selected AAA projects and announced that the project is complete – for now.

We will continue to post relevant items to this blog and I added a way that readers could submit stories. In the past I’d get emailed tips – now you can submit the story your self and be credited on the site for it. I encourage you to do so.

I hope you like the new look and will stay in touch with my future projects at

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You can’t even close your eyes to avoid this

The only people that love this kind of thing are those who create it and the small numbers who profit from it.

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Mainstreet Revisited

A short story about signs, icons and changing times…


thanks lisa

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From Michael Zeltner:

“I love how they not only flooded the panels with other work, but also
how they put a description of the key used to open them up ;)”

Uploaded by LeMoutonRetif. – Discover more webcam videos and video blogs.

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You Can’t Airbrush Personality

Apparently this is all over Tumblr but I can’t find an image credit – sorry!

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Terracycle upcycles waste and recycles corporate branding

Terracycle Caprisun Lunchbox

Terracycle upcycles consumer waste into new salable goods. They primarily harvest their raw material from schoolchildren as part of charity drives, though they are now placing recycling stations at certain Walmart stores. At the Walmart centers they pay 3 cents per piece, but only for a narrow range of product packaging; the website supports a wider range of recyclables.

The spirit of the project is wonderful, but the problem is that it creates zombie advertising and branding for these undead consumer objects. Which is actually not all that surprising, as the Walmart program is sponsored by the very brands whose packaging are featured in the upcycled goods.

Terracycle is sponsored by big box retailers

Now you can send your children to school with Capri Sun drinks, Lunchables, and Oreos in their Capri Sun lunchbox, and feel really good about returning the packages to Walmart, where you can buy more of the same processed food to send your child to school with. Capri Sun, Lunchables, Oreos, et al certainly feel really good about the branding opportunity, as do the big box retailers who are are partnered in the program as well.

Despite my cynicism about sponsorship and branding, the program is pretty incredible in the interpersonal organization that it has created, and the logistical barriers that it has overcome. The mechanism that it has put in place can hopefully be used to produce tools or goods whose central purpose is not advertising and branding. It seems that some of the products they are making either come from unbranded raw materials like film strips and bike chains, or they are using the plain inside surface of the packaging. These are more like Freitag bags. Not only are this last group of upcycled goods unbranded, they are actually much nicer looking and much more likely to be actually used.

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Anti-advertising billboard showcases the clean air around it | Grist

Annie Han + Daniel Mihalyo: Lead Pencil Studio, Non-Sign II, 2010 Photo: Lead Pencil Studio

Anti-advertising billboard showcases the clean air around it | Grist.

thanks for the tip from Victoria Estok

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double happiness – mammoth // building nothing out of something

Bureau de Mesarchitecture’s “Double Happiness”, an installation for the 2009 Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-City Biennial

via double happiness – mammoth // building nothing out of something.

sent on by annie vought

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