San Francisco to cut outdoor advertising?

San Francisco A proposition was on San Francisco’s city election ballot yesterday which would put the city on the path to reducing outdoor advertising. I honestly have not heard much about Proposition K in the run up to the election. The proposition would:

Declare that the proliferation of advertising in the public right of way contributes to urban blight and visual clutter, as well as the commercialization of public spaces within the City. It is the policy of the voters of San Francisco as follows:

  • There shall be no increase in the number of general advertising signs on the street furniture on the public right of way, including, but not limited to, transit shelters, kiosks, benches and newspaper racks, over the number authorized by the City law and City contracts as of July 1, 2007
  • There shall be no increase in the number of general advertising signs visible to the public on the exterior of City owned buildings
  • Even though the outdoor advertising industry seemed to make an attempt to pump a bunch of money into opposing Proposition K, it looks like it is sailing towards passage. Early returns today have Proposition K at Yes:60.66% No: 39.34%. With numbers like those, it is virtually assured of passage.

    Way to go San Francisco!!

    Check out IllegalSigns.Ca’s coverage of illegal billboards in San Francisco.

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