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This Space Available

“I have never seen such a god damn group of selfish, eager hogs” –President Lyndon Johnson on the Billboard Industry Over a year ago I interviewed for this documentary about visual pollution. In my research as an artist over the past 12 years I have learned more than most would ever care to about public […]

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Public Ad Campaign: This Space Available – DOC NYC World Premier at the IFC Theater

    PublicAdCampaign is proud to announce the world premier of the documentary film This Space Available. This full length feature focuses on the issue of visual pollution in our global community. Intent on creating a critical dialogue on the issue, the film investigates a wide range of perspectives including those of billboard executives, government […]

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Subway HD Screens: Round 6 – Bogota

Pixel Hacking – Decorando la publicidad If you missed the previous rounds, check em out here: – Ji Lee Light Criticism – Anti-Advertising Agency and Graffiti Research Lab Pixelator – Jason Eppink Hold Fast Sell Out – Posterchild Stained Glass – Posterchild And of course Aram Bartholl had a roll in the lineage.

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Sao Paulo: Before And After

via Ban Billboard Blight.

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Make “Capitalism Work For Me!”

I’m raising funds on a new project. Get involved!

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David Shrigley

    A David Shrigley piece just sent to me from my friend Christina Kral.

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Public/Private Partnerships: Will Commercialization Save Our City Parks? | Ban Billboard Blight

  A great post over at Ban Billboard Blight about the move to allow advertising in Los Angeles Public Parks.   Public/Private partnerships. At last week’s meeting of the L.A. City Council’s Budget and Finance Committee, the term kept bobbing like a life preserver grasped for by city agencies at risk of being drowned in […]

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Advertisers Trademark the Phrase “Radical Media”, Targeting Activists

    A corporate media group has trademarked the phrase “Radical Media” and has issued a cease and desist letter to activists using it in the title of their conference, which takes place in London later this year. The advertisers, @Radical Media, have forced organizers to change the title of the gathering to Rebellious Media […]

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L.A. Council Members Endorse Plan To Sell Advertising In City Parks

Ocean Front Walk in Venice is locally known as The Boardwalk, although it’s all concrete—the only boards in sight belong to distant surfers waiting to catch a wave. That view to the west is free of the intense commercialism of the inland side of the the Boardwalk, with its crowded T-shirt and souvenir shops, but […]

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Report: Advertising’s “mirror” of society is racist

Actors from black, Asian or other ethnic minority groups appeared in only 5% of the almost 35,000 TV ads screened in the UK last year, according to a report. The report by Clearcast, the body that vets all commercials before they are broadcast, found that TV advertising is “drastically under-representing” the ethnic minority groups. Black, […]

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Artist Kim Beck puts vacant billboard sculptures on High Line Park

Interview with the artist Kim Beck, who realized the latest project of the Public Art program of the High Line Park in New York City. The project consists of ;consists of three sculptures that are installed on roofs of buildings close to the High Line. via Lee Walton

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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold – Trailer

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Waffle Shop Billboard: Rent it for only $100 a Week!

The folks at the amazing Waffle Shop and Conflict Kitchen (do yourself a favor and check out those projects) are making their Billboard available at very reasonable rates. (I rented it for the week of March 27th!) Here’s the info: From We like to think of the billboard as an experimental publishing and broadcast […]

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Drug Marketing Increases Risk of Illness, Study Finds — Commercial Alert

The more widely drug companies market a drug, the less many users of the drug tend to benefit from its use and the more likely they are be harmed by it, a new report finds. Researchers Donald Light, PhD, of the UMDNJ-School of Osteopathic Medicine and Howard Brody, MD, of the University of Texas Medical […]

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Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising

And there’s more! At Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising.

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