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Trojan Horse

Recently back from Cambodia, welcome back to the AAA, Anne Elizabeth Moore! The great Facebook Ad Debate of November 2007 centered entirely on whether it would work—meaning, would people who did not buy certain products before alter their spending patterns now?—and whether or not it would change advertising forever—meaning, are online social advertising networks the […]

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Google Adwords Judo

A reader named Greg emailed with a firefox plugin he wrote that, instead of blocking ads, automatically clicks on all Google Adwords for you. As Greg explains: It is incredibly simple, it simply clicks on adsense advertisments as you surf. You don’t get any money for that, but it is like giving money to every […]

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Ad-Free Blog & Keep Your Day Job

Ad-Free Blog is a simple site that caused a lot of controversy. Two pages were set up about 2 years ago to supply a graphic for blogs declaring “This is an Ad-Free Blog.” The creators, Keri Smith and Jeff Pitcher, have popular blogs themselves and were receiving solicitations for advertising as well as “mentioning” products […]

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A Quick Guide to Ad-free Web Browsing

Sure, everyone is tired of flashing, jittery messages about credit scores or mortgage rates, but criticism of banner ads and other online advertising has almost become cliché. The backlash has resulted in every current browser offering a pop-up blocker. But it still seems almost impossible to use the web without becoming the collateral damage of […]

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We just received a notice about this exhibition… Neterotopia is an event that takes place from 16th to 31st March 2006 in various spaces on the Net. Eleven artists from different countries have been invited to choose an Internet site and use the spaces usually reserved for advertising. These spaces are thus transformed into exhibition […]

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