Google Adwords Judo

A reader named Greg emailed with a firefox plugin he wrote that, instead of blocking ads, automatically clicks on all Google Adwords for you. As Greg explains:

It is incredibly simple, it simply clicks on adsense advertisments as you surf. You don’t get any money for that, but it is like giving money to every site you visit.

It could really impact the trust advertisers have in all ‘cost per click models.’ And it could easily be extended to any other advertising network. And best of all, I do not see legal reason that could stop me or anyone to have this extension active while I surf. (I can click where ever I want !)

I love hackers.

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  1. The only problem is that you need to be careful about using something like this too much. This is the kind of thing that advertising companies do keep an eye out for and it is usually against their terms of service. You would not want your favorite website to lose its advertising because of an overzealous attempt to bring in more ad revenue.

  2. Sorry, I still don’t understand why I wouldn’t want to use this!

  3. coldtobi says:

    Google is very very strict. By saying “click on that ad”, and if someone takes you by the word, the website’s owner will be banned for “self clicking” or “abuse”.
    Google does *not* care, if you are not the one that clicked (as website owner). And proving your innocence to google is next to impossible.

    Sorry, but by your suggestion, you are actually KILLING the website you like. The goal you are intending to reach is — well, sorry for being direct — futile, and you are only hurting others..

  4. @coltobi – I don’t think you understand my motivation. I’m joking around here a bit, but getting the owner banned for misuse, that just sounds funny. All the sudden I have this power to kill advertising on a website.

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