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AAA Hong Kong Office

Introducing the first transmission from long-time AAA friend Evan Roth, now in Hong Kong… Mission #1 – Learn how to say “paint roller” in Cantonese and write ‘ANTI’ on the top of that building. Stay tuned for updates!

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Hey, NYC Vandal Task Force – Follow the Money!

Arresting 3,786 graffiti writers last year, The Citywide Vandals Task Force is back in the news. The squad of 75 (!) officers has received press before. Even an 8 minute segment on This American Life. I think it’s because journalists love to ask the vandal squad if they think graffiti is art or not. Hacks. […]

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Subway Poster Remix Graffiti

(via Adam Rosen and these guys)

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Classic KAWS Footage From 1997

I remember seeing KAWS work in San Francisco when I was temping in downtown office buildings. It was a black and white ad for something in a Market Street kiosk and there was a green, multi headed snake attacking the model in the photo. I remember studying it trying to figure out if it was […]

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Wired News: Sony Graffiti

From Wired News: Seeking to market its handheld game device to hip city dwellers, Sony has hired graffiti artists in major urban areas to spray-paint buildings with simple, totemic images of kids playing with the gadget. But the guerrilla marketing gambit appears to be drawing scorn from some of the street-savvy hipsters it’s striving to […]

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