No more junk mail!

Junk mail is annoying. This is obvious, it’s why it’s called “junk.” It’s also why my friend Bob’s worst enemy signed him up to every mass marketing campaign as part of a prolonged vendetta which also includes logging a noise complaint every time he plays music in his apartment (which I have to admit is pretty clever!)

junk mail sculpture

Junk mail sucks. It moves around your house like a plague because you feel bad throwing it out, but you never want it, so it’s simply perpetual clutter that seems to mysteriously self-replicate.

Luckily, (unless you’re part of the 1.9% of people that really appreciates receiving AOL ads in the mail) a movement is springing up to eradicate the junk. New American Dream is at the forefront. In a rare move for an organization, they decided not to be hypocritical(!) and abstained from the unsolicited membership drive mail-out. While doing this, they started an action plan to get rid of junk mail entirely.

Go here for a list of proactive ideas to get you started and sign the petition for a federal do not mail registry!

(Junk Mail Abrams Tank by Burtonwood & Holmes)

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  1. Andrew says:

    You should also check out

    They have a similar setup and you can also sign up your friends and family as a gift.

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