iPhone 3G: Advertising vs. Reality

from core77:

We still love the iPhone, but it’s good to see some sharp observers calling some of its advertising to task. This simple, clear video shows the ad side-by-side with the reality, plus some brief comments. And no, there is no iPhone on earth that works as quickly and smoothly as the one in those “Twice as Fast” ads, despite all the noise being made about how quick the thing is.

Conclusion: “I like Apple products, but I dislike being misled by deceptive advertising more.”

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  1. mkorsakov says:

    Very nice – but, for non-native speakers, you guessed it: too fast. Have to stop at all the texts to read it once more.

  2. I’m a native speaker and I had to slow it down…

  3. mumbles says:

    Ironic that the most media-friendly and therefore ad-friendly mobile device is loved by this blog. Keep a watchful eye on those iPhone apps!

  4. core77 loves it. We (the Anti-Advertising Agency) don’t care.

  5. James David says:

    Apple just had to pull a UK spot that promised iPhone users access “all parts of the internet” – while in truth, Java and Flash aren’t allowed on the phone.

    Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority shut it down.

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