FAQ of the 2008 AAAFFFA

Advertisers! Marketers! And PR People!

We here at AAAFFF HQ have received many late-coming queries as regards the 2008 Anti-Advertising Agency Foundation For Freedom Award—and our deadline is only one week away!

Therefore, I, the Executive Director of the AAAFFF, will attempt to answer the most frequent of these asked questions, to save you necessary minutes that could otherwise be spent hatching your getaway scheme.

1. We will accept your application form, when complete, via email. However, all essay questions must be responded to in full, and additional materials (CV; Pay stub or business card from previous job or confirmed and dated registration as a college major in the field of advertising, marketing, or PR; and proof of new occupation or confirmed and dated registration in a college major unrelated to advertising or PR) must be submitted via PDF by midnight September 1, 2008 to the email address: FFF (at) antiadvertisingagency dot com.

2. You are required to leave your position or all freelancing gigs in corporate advertising and while we do not require that we are BCCed on your letter of resignation, we will look kindly upon it.

3. If your pet has starred in a pet food commercial, but has never been directly employed by an advertising, marketing, or PR firm, your pet is not eligible for the 2008 AAAFFFA. If your pet is currently a marketing manager or ad pro in some other capacity, you must complete the application form in full on their behalf, and provide proof that the animal is willing to leave his or her position. Do not leave the application to your dog or cat! Animals are notoriously bad at completing award applications in a timely manner.

6. If your plans for the $700 prize money are really cool, please outline them in detail.

7. Our judges look kindly upon flattery, as well as gifts and event invitations. If your plans for the $700 prize money are that cool, you should invite us to the opening, celebration, or event. That’s just good manners, but we also love a good party.

8. No, it is not too late to donate money, skills training workshops, or frequent flier miles to the 2008 AAAFFFA. Just click here for more information.

9. Further information about our September 19 gala event first announced here will be forthcoming. Unfortunately, the gala event is for applicants only. If you wish to attend, you will have to complete an application.

10. Applications are available here.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

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