4 things you should have done already

Don’t worry, there’s still time. Depending on where you live and who you are any of these may apply…

1. Sign up for Tuesday’s Illegal Billboard Workshop in New York. It’s a rare opportunity to learn about how you can fight illegal signs like the folks at IllegalSigns.ca–who have removed over 100 illegal signs in Toronto.

2. Stopped by the Anti-Advertising Agency Foundation for Freedom OFFFice in Chicago. Anne Elizabeth Moore is ready to meet potential applicants and consult on your application for the Foundation for Freedom Award. She’ll also meet with other friendly folks. And I will be out there July 5th and 6th for the “Weekend of Independence!”

3. Quit your job in advertising. You know you’re not in it for the long haul. C’mon be real – you’re reading this site! Get out now and do something you love. Quit recently or quitting before September 1st? You qualify! Even if you don’t download the AAAFFFA Kit (try saying it out loud) also known as our application form. It’s a good read.

4. Donate to the AAAFFF. Making too much money in advertising to want to quit? Or would you just like to put $5 toward rewarding some highly frustrated, very talented and creative individual for taking action and joining a field that will actually make a difference? That’s worth $5 right? (Or at least the tax deduction?) You can donate to the AAAFFFA. Thanks to your contributions we’re nearly at a $700 bounty!

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