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UN expert in cultural rights calls for greater scrutiny and control of commercial advertising

Yesterday in the United Nations General Assembly the topics were the same as what the Anti-Advertising Agency worked on for years. Steve Lambert was part of a research meeting by the Special Rapporteur for yesterday’s report. NEW YORK / GENEVA (28 October 2014) – From food consumption models to burial rituals, social behavior and beauty […]

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Jerry Seinfeld’s Clio Acceptance Speech

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UN Report on Advertising and Cultural Rights

The United Nations has published their report on Advertising and it’s effect on cultural rights. (Download PDF). Artist, Steve Lambert was included in a meeting at the United Nations in the development of this document.

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UN expert kicks off new study on the impact of advertising and marketing on cultural rights

GENEVA (7 February 2014) – The United Nations Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, Farida Shaheed, is launching a new study on the impact of advertising and marketing practices on cultural rights, with an up-close look at their effect on cultural diversity and human rights. Ms. Shaheed will be looking at the effect […]

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AAA’s Steve Lambert invited to United Nations

The Anti-Adveritising Agency’s Steve Lambert was invited to the United Nations for a meeting on the impact of advertising and marketing on cultural rights. In her 2014 report to the General Assembly, the Special Rapporteur will seek to identify main challenges and obstacles posed by advertising and marketing practices to the enjoyment of cultural rights, […]

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Comic: Aha! Graffiti!

Aha! Graffiti! | Sidewalk Bubblegum Political Comic Cartoon Strip.

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Re+Public – Augmented Reality Advertising Takeover

PublicAdCampaign has spent nearly 10 years investigating the relationship between commercial media and public space. The resulting projects have balanced somewhere between art and activism in an effort to not only question commercial outdoor media, but to improve the visual landscape. While this activism has often taken the shape of civil disobedience and borderline legal […]

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Selling ad space on city property is not “creative”

Proposals of selling ad-space on things like firetrucks and are often framed as “getting creative” by the city councilmen that propose them. In fact, it’s not creative – it’s poorly thought out, and shortsighted. These proposals are bad deals that don’t solve fiscal problems (at best, they’re a drop in the bucket). Real creativity would […]

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“It’s Time to Fight” on Print & Paste

Steve Lambert - It's Time to Fight - Manchester

My sliding-scale priced “It’s Time to Fight” letterpress print has been turned into a billboard in Manchester, England by the nice folks at Print & Paste. I was stunned and delighted to see it at this scale. Print & Paste is a curated outdoor art space in central Manchester, located just off Oxford Rd opposite the old […]

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AAA material remixed

All the AAA materials are licensed with Creative Commons licenses so you can re-use, remix, and share them. Here’s a couple examples of AAA remixes:

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Liberated Ads Confront Foreclosure Crisis (via CDC)


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 19, 2012 – San Francisco, California Liberated Ads Confront Foreclosure Crisis The California Department of Corrections (CDC) has unveiled a new campaign of bus shelter ads to confront America’s home foreclosure crisis. During the week of January 16th, the CDC successfully apprehended, rehabilitated and discharged more than one dozen bus shelter […]

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This Space Available

“I have never seen such a god damn group of selfish, eager hogs” –President Lyndon Johnson on the Billboard Industry Over a year ago I interviewed for this documentary about visual pollution. In my research as an artist over the past 12 years I have learned more than most would ever care to about public […]

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Public Ad Campaign: This Space Available – DOC NYC World Premier at the IFC Theater

    PublicAdCampaign is proud to announce the world premier of the documentary film This Space Available. This full length feature focuses on the issue of visual pollution in our global community. Intent on creating a critical dialogue on the issue, the film investigates a wide range of perspectives including those of billboard executives, government […]

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Subway HD Screens: Round 6 – Bogota

Pixel Hacking – Decorando la publicidad If you missed the previous rounds, check em out here: – Ji Lee Light Criticism – Anti-Advertising Agency and Graffiti Research Lab Pixelator – Jason Eppink Hold Fast Sell Out – Posterchild Stained Glass – Posterchild And of course Aram Bartholl had a roll in the lineage.

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Sao Paulo: Before And After

via Ban Billboard Blight.

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