Subway HD Screens: Round 4

Posterchild takes Round 4 on the ongoing alteration of the HD screens installed over subway entrances in New York.

Building on the Pixelator, Posterchild goes a more devout route with a stained glass effect. “Hold Fast Sell Out” was built with 1/2 inch melamine, screwed together and coated with diffusion material – rather impressive construction.

If you missed the previous rounds, check em out here:

  1. – Ji Lee
  2. Light Criticism – Anti-Advertising Agency and Graffiti Research Lab
  3. Pixelator – Jason Eppink
  4. and now Hold Fast Sell Out – Posterchild

And of course Aram Bartholl had a roll in the lineage.

Will you be next? If so, drop Jason Eppink and I a line. We’ll be happy to help.

(more on Posterchild in the near future)

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