Catching Up…

While I’ve been working these news items collected in my inbox…

The Anti-Advertising Agency is listed as one of the 50 Best Business Ethics Blogs. And we weren’t even trying…

Ad Threat Seen For Historic Areas – Preservationists in Chelsea and Greenwich Village fear a loophole in a City Council bill could bring a blight of advertising into some historic neighborhoods. (I was quoted in this one)

Submitted by AAA readers:

Amos says “A friend of mine wrote this article on the psychology of the homemade t-shirt vs. the industrial consumer t-shirt. I thought you might dig it.”

Pat DC lets us know about a “Great article about poor attempts at being edgy in marketing and re-branding.

The folks at Capitalism the Musical take various texts by well known (and more obscure) writers on Capitalism (C. Wright Mills, Paul Goodman, Thorstein Veblen, Evert Cilliers and others) and marries them to contemporary music. They’ve created a video for “The Sissy Cheats” and the first five songs can be found on their myspace page

Chris from Greenpeace let us know about an update to their kleenex spoof.

Iana wrote, “I was browsing your blog and thought this may interest you. I live in SoHo, where i have been noticing a really clever street artist putting up these slogans all over manhattan. They say “Enjoy Subprime Lending”, “Enjoy Stimulus Package” and some other ones too. I am not really sure who is behind this, but they deserve the credit for the effort.

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