Add-Art: replaces ads with art

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Add-Art: replaces ads with art

Add-Art is a free Firefox add-on which replaces advertising on websites with curated art images. Created with the support of Eyebeam, Rhizome, Add-Art releases new art shows every two weeks and strives to feature contemporary artists and curators. The plugin works alongside AdBlock Plus, which blocks online ads, and simply replaces that blank space with […]

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The NY Times Special Edition

The New York Times Special Edition

On November 12, 2008 a over 80,000 copies of a replica of the NewYork Times was released in several cities around New York. It included 14 pages of best case scenario news set nine months in the future. See the The New York Times Special Edition website. A collaboration with Steve Lambert, Andy Bichlbaum of […]

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PeopleProducts123 reconnects labor and products through improved packaging featuring images and stories about the workers who make them. This improved packaging is placed in stores using a technique called shopdropping (the opposite of shoplifting) in which items are clandestinely left in retail environments. Research The Anti-Advertising Agency’s Amanda Eicher traveled to Colima, El Salvador meeting […]

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The Samaras Project

Samaras Street Team

For Immediate Release: BIZARRO STREET TEAM PROMOTES ALTERNATIVE ECONOMIES IN SF FINANCIAL DISTRICT San Francisco, October 2. 2006 – Artists working under the name The Anti-Advertising Agency will descend upon San Francisco’s financial district on Wednesday Oct. 4th from 12-1pm. The group will hand out over 5000 promotional postcards – but with a twist. The […]

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Bus Stop Bench Project

Anti-Advertising Agency Bus Stop Bench

The Anti-Advertising Agency and Packard Jennings’ Oakland based Bus Stop Bench Ad Project has 2 parts. For the first part, the Agency created a survey to poll residents in the neighborhoods surrounding 10 Oakland bus stops regarding what advertising tactics they found most bothersome in their neighborhoods. Then Jennings developed targeted illustrations for each neighborhood […]

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AAA Portable Sound Units

The AAA Portable Sound Units are small sound-systems triggered by a motion detector. They playback on-the-street interviews with the public about their opinions on outdoor advertising. Installed in the field, the units are designed to run on battery packs and conserve power by turning on only when pedestrians pass by them. The Interviews The project […]

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Our Offices

Offices of the Anti-Advertising Agency

In May of 2005 the Anti-Advertising Agency was offered the McBean Project Space at the San Francisco Art Institute. From the SFAI Press release: “The Anti-Advertising Agency (AAA) will transform the McBean Project Space into its temporary headquarters replete with a conference table, desks, chairs, dry erase boards, a water cooler, fluorescent lamps, and cubicle […]

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Ad Lib Poster Project

We printed 600 of these posters and distributed them to people saying, “This is your billboard. Thousands of people will see it everyday. What would you like to say to them?” Our “Ad Lib” poster campaign is meant to evoke interaction, response, and dialogue among the general public wherever the posters appear. Here are a […]

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