Iraq War Ends New York Times

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The NY Times Special Edition

The New York Times Special Edition

On November 12, 2008 a over 80,000 copies of a replica of the NewYork Times was released in several cities around New York. It included 14 pages of best case scenario news set nine months in the future. See the The New York Times Special Edition website. A collaboration with Steve Lambert, Andy Bichlbaum of […]

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The Samaras Project

Samaras Street Team

For Immediate Release: BIZARRO STREET TEAM PROMOTES ALTERNATIVE ECONOMIES IN SF FINANCIAL DISTRICT San Francisco, October 2. 2006 – Artists working under the name The Anti-Advertising Agency will descend upon San Francisco’s financial district on Wednesday Oct. 4th from 12-1pm. The group will hand out over 5000 promotional postcards – but with a twist. The […]

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