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Light Criticism

Light Criticism - NYCs True Graffiti Problem

A new project by the Anti-Advertising Agency with Graffiti Research Lab. Advertising is the vandalism of the Fortune 500. And despite that, we still don’t like it. Between October 2006 and December 2006, the City of New York has removed or obscured 59 illegal banners on sidewalk sheds. In that same period, Chase was forced […]

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  • Project Brief

    Building on Ji Lee's, Light Criticism simply covers HD television advertising on subway entrances. The covers allow some light through spelling messages which confront our definitions of advertising, graffiti, and public space.
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  • Press and Exhibitions

    •, “Light Criticism by Steve Lambert” Jan 25, 2007
    • Elizabeth Haines ““Windows and Wallpapering: Questions about Art, Technology and Poetic Interference” ModArt Magazine, October 2007
    • Included in "Graffiti Research Lab: The Complete First Season" movie
    • 20th Dallas Video Festival | “Tech-Art Activism: A Video Art Collection curated by Carolyn Sortor”
    • American Film Institute, LA, CA | “Pixelodeon 2007″ | curated by Kenyatta Cheese
    • Federation Square Big Screen, Melbourne Australia | “Caught on Tape”
    • International Guerilla Video Festival, Milan, Italy