What can I do?

Do you want to become more involved?

1. Buy wisely. Look for the Fair Trade label on products you buy; investigate organic and local sources for your groceries, household, and business goods; and be in touch with the owners and workers of the stores where you shop. Engage them in conversations about what you’re buying and why.

2. At home, learn more about the sources of the things we use each day by researching, on the internet or through friends. Some good places to start include: Trans Fair USA; Global Exchange; the International Labor Rights Fund; the Committee In Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES), corporate identity network projects like They Rule; and the websites and toll free numbers for the companies that make the products we use.

3. Donate. When you find an organization that is supporting the people who work in factories, fields, and production communities; or that is supplying you with information you use in the marketplace each day, support them with money or a contribution of materials, resources or time.

4. Participate. If you try People Products and like the results, make your own improved packages for products you learn about. Once you’ve made your design, contact us with your images, photos, or video footage and we can make it available on the website.

a project of The Anti-Advertising Agency with Steve Lambert and Amanda Eicher