Yaneth Segovia Martinez works managing her family’s land in Colima, El Salvador, where the local cooperative processes the family’s sugar to vend to soft drink and ethanol producers. Yaneth left school in 3rd, 5th, and 6th grades to work the family’s land as her father, brothers, and cousin left for the U.S. Yaneth, too, hopes to emigrate to the United States one day. Yaneth drives an oxcart to work each day; works with the laborers to plant, tend, and harvest corn, sorghum, cane, and vegetables; and in her spare time, Yaneth reads and writes poetry.

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Rosa: Teacher

rosa-350 Rosa, a teacher at Colima school, taught a class last year called nivelacion. The class was funded through an initiative paid for by Fundazucar (a philanthropic organization of Salvadorean sugar producers) to reintegrate students who have been working in the sugar fields back into classrooms at the proper level. The grant was given to all sugar producing towns for one year. This year Rosa and the rest of Colima school are adjusting as best they can to the new standards requiring that children be brought up to speed without support from Fundazucar. The grant money has moved on to other goals in the schools, such as computer education and adult literacy programs. Rosa and the rest of the teachers at Colima School are working to support the education of truant student workers in Colima, and the diversification of job training for students growing up in a changing agricultural economy.

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