PeopleProducts123.com is the web extension of The People Project, a collaboration between artists Amanda Eicher and Steve Lambert for The Anti-Advertising Agency.

People Products brings you the most up-to-date information on the people who make the products we use every day in the form of easy-to-use package labels and stickers.

An easy way for everyone to become involved in market advertising, People Products can be downloaded to your home computer, printed in color and black and white, and assembled for placement in corner stores, supermarkets, hardware stores – practically any place you buy products.

PeopleProducts123 has held several “shopdropping” (the opposite of shoplifting) workshops across the U.S. The workshops are held in diverse locations such as arts organizations (Eyebeam in New York) to a local Kinko’s or public library in small towns in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Look for future workshops on the Anti-Advertising Agency site.

The People Project wishes to thank photographer Robin Romano; International Labor Rights Fund; the Committee In Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES); the Melida Anaya Montes Women’s Movement; all the reporters, photographers, and workers who contributed information to the project; Eyebeam; and the Creative Work Fund.


Eyebeam OpenLab

a project of The Anti-Advertising Agency with Steve Lambert and Amanda Eicher