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Two Steps Back – No on Prop D in SF

Thanks to Anti-Advertising Agency’s Legal Analyst, Paul S., for weighing in on this controversial ballot measure in San Francisco… San Francisco has a proposition on the ballot today which seeks to blow a huge hole in the city’s municipal billboard ban. Proposition D, if passed, will allow high definition electronic billboards to be placed on […]

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Arguing From Both Sides

Sao Paolo’s Billboard Ban is about to have it’s first birthday. The ban went into effect and remains, despite threats of multiple lawsuits and cries about the loss of (corporate) free speech issued this time last year. For example: But advertising and business groups regard the legislation as injurious to society and an affront to […]

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Para Los Gente de la Conferencia en Barcelona a CCCB

Gracias por venir. Este es las photos de mi presentacion, sin audio, en flash. Es 56mb, por tanto darle tiempo. ¿Tiene Preguntas? Escribirme (pero es mejor si en Ingles, si possible). Lo siento, yo no se hablar o escribir Catalan. Vale. And in case my Spanish is as bad as I think it is, here […]

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UN expert in cultural rights calls for greater scrutiny and control of commercial advertising

Yesterday in the United Nations General Assembly the topics were the same as what the Anti-Advertising Agency worked on for years. Steve Lambert was part of a research meeting by the Special Rapporteur for yesterday’s report. NEW YORK / GENEVA (28 October 2014) – From food consumption models to burial rituals, social behavior and beauty […]

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Sao Paulo: Before And After

via Ban Billboard Blight.

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L.A. Council Members Endorse Plan To Sell Advertising In City Parks

Ocean Front Walk in Venice is locally known as The Boardwalk, although it’s all concrete—the only boards in sight belong to distant surfers waiting to catch a wave. That view to the west is free of the intense commercialism of the inland side of the the Boardwalk, with its crowded T-shirt and souvenir shops, but […]

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Support Jordan at Public Ad Campaign

Jordan Seiler has been fighting hard to make our streets more livable and interesting. I would easily attribute his hard work to the creation of this competition and this substantial change at the New York Department of Buildings – enforcing the removal of illegal advertising on construction sites and placing art there instead. Now we […]

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Smart License Plates: A Very Dumb Idea?

via Ban Billboard Blight Do you think the idea of California license plates than can show electronic ads is: 1.  A great idea, about time. 2.  Possibly questionable, but let’s study it. 3.  One of the top ten worst ideas of all time. If you answered yes to #1, don’t bother reading further.  If you […]

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Illegal Supergraphic Ad Removed From Historic Hollywood Hotel

During his 2009 election campaign, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich promised to crack down on anyone putting up illegal billboards and supergraphic signs. Continuing to make good on that promise, his office has gotten the owners of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to remove the latest in a series of illegal supergraphics that have covered the walls […]

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Movement Happening on Illegal Signs

March has been a bad time for illegal signs in LA. Finally Illegal Advertisers are going to jail.  Here’s info on some of the latest: LA Weekly profiles advertisers in Los Angeles, as well as AAA compatriot Public Ad Campaign’s Jordan Seiler. Here’s how it starts “Supergraphic multimillionaire Barry Rush couldn’t have been pleased to […]

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“Beer here!”: The Poster and the Public Notice in Rural Rwanda

The journey along Rwanda’s winding mountain roads is a bustling scene rural life, farm work, and commerce dotted with sparse, intermittent signage. In the most densely populated nation in Africa, advertising is thin. There are no shop signs or billboards. The looping eucalyptus and mud brick facades sporadically feature a lone 16″ x 20″ splash […]

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Dirty, Dirty, Dirty

The supergraphic sign above for the movie “Prince of Persia” on a Westwood office building is legally permitted as an on-site sign, which the L.A. sign code defines as a sign directing attention to a product or service generally sold or offered on the premises where the sign is located. There is no movie theater […]

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Owner Arrested For Hollywood Supergraphic Previously Cited For Sign Law Violations

Friday night’s arrest of Kayvan Setareh for allowing an 8-story supergraphic ad to be wrapped across three sides of an historic Hollywood building was not the first time the Pacific Palisades man has run afoul of the city’s sign code, according to building department records. In January, 2007, a citation was issued for an illegal […]

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Office Tenants Plagued by Series of Illegal Supergraphic Signs; Do the L.A. City Attorney and District Councilman Care?

Los Angeles, Toronto, San Francisco, New York; what big city has the outdoor advertising industry under control? Last March, we reported on the case of an illegal supergraphic sign advertising Chase Bank installed over the second-floor office windows of a building at 7201 Melrose Ave. The city issued a citation to the building owner, Macculloch […]

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Chicago Tribune: City losing war against sight blight

There’s a great op-ed in the Chicago Tribune by John McCarron. It starts: “Chicago’s landscape is being swamped by a sea of unsightly billboards, advertising benches and illegal signs because of a toothless zoning ordinance that city officials admit cannot be enforced.” Change is all around us, but in Chicago some things never change. Things […]

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