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Public/Private Partnerships: Will Commercialization Save Our City Parks? | Ban Billboard Blight

  A great post over at Ban Billboard Blight about the move to allow advertising in Los Angeles Public Parks.   Public/Private partnerships. At last week’s meeting of the L.A. City Council’s Budget and Finance Committee, the term kept bobbing like a life preserver grasped for by city agencies at risk of being drowned in […]

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DOOM Display Billboards « Urban Prankster

If you were a video game geek in the early 1990’s, this is probably up your alley. A quartet of street artists named Mr. Talion, Epoxy, Baveaux, and Kone have added the heads-up display from the first-person shooter computer game DOOM to a number of billboards throughout Berlin. You can see more here. via DOOM […]

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Why It Matters (from Ban Billboard Blight)

Dennis over at LA’s Ban Billboard Blight answers the question “Can’t you find something more important to be bothered about?” Fighting The Outdoor Advertising Invasion: A Trivial Pursuit? From time to time, someone will take offense at our activities on the grounds that advocating for protection of the visual environment from an onslaught of commercial […]

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From the CDC: New Billboard Alterations Salute Israel Following Raid on Gaza Flotilla

From the CDC Press Release The California Department of Corrections (CDC) has unveiled a new campaign of billboard alterations on behalf of the State of Israel. On July 28, 2010 a total of nine billboards were apprehended, rehabilitated and discharged throughout San Francisco, including the intersection of Guerrero and 18th Street (see attached photo). Additional […]

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Sign Companies, Property Owners, Advertising Agencies, Major Corporations Thumb Their Noses at L.A.’s New Off-Site Sign Ban

Almost a year after the L.A. City Council approved a moratorium on new off-site and supergraphic signs, and four months after it replaced that temporary measure with a permanent ban, advertisers and sign companies continue to wrap, hang, and otherwise display their multi-story supergraphic signs on the walls of buildings throughout the city. So why […]

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Judge Says 2006 Lawsuit Settlement Allowing Digital Billboards in L.A. is Illegal, Calls Agreement Between City and Billboard Companies “Poison”

Superior Court Judge Terry Green ruled today that the lawsuit settlement giving Clear Channel and CBS Outdoor the right to convert 840 conventional billboards to digital violated the law by exempting those conversions from any zoning regulations or requirements for notice and public hearings.Judge Green took under advisement the question of the legality of the […]

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L.A. Weekly Reporter Wins Top Press Club Award For Investigative Article on Billboards

Congratulations to Christine Pelisek, whose L.A. Weekly article, “Billboards Gone Wild,” won this year’s L.A. Press Club Award for best hard news story in newspapers of more than 100,000 circulation. This article that focused on the woeful job the city has done controlling illegal billboards brought the issue to widespread public attention for the first […]

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NYT vs. SF Examiner on illegal storefront billboards

Why is the San Francisco Examiner doing a better job of reporting on illegal advertising than the New York Times? Less than 10 days ago the Times published a story on billboards appearing on vacant storefronts. It almost reads like an ad itself: Taking advantage of all the abandoned retail spaces in urban areas, marketers […]

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Paintballed Billboards

It’s a shame the billboards were blank… Prague’s street art collective EPOS 257 recently converted some blank billboards into abstract art with the help of a few paintball guns. They write: Shooting into the white surface of vacant billboards with a paintball gun – blank canvasses in an urban environment, a gesture expressing an opinion […]

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Billboard industry gums up anti-blight enforcement in S.F.

The city of San Francisco has been slowly working to enforce a 2002 city proposition which banned new billboards on private property. Of course, we all know city governments are notoriously cash-strapped. So it comes as no surprise that it was only in 2007 that the city had completed a survey of the existent billboards […]

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NY Times: Billboards That Look Back

Note: I am skeptical of how effective and accurate this actually is. Sounds like something the manufacturer could easily over play to attract investors. Creepy none the less. By STEPHANIE CLIFFORD In advertising these days, the brass ring goes to those who can measure everything — how many people see a particular advertisement, when they […]

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With billboards, cities are facing the digital decision

By Patricia Lowry, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Ah, for the good old days, when billboards were merely a blight you could avoid, sort of, by averting your eyes. Now the outdoor advertising companies have us right where they want us: stuck in traffic or at a red light, facing a digital sign that changes about every seven […]

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Oakland’s Ban on “Visual Blight” Upheld in Court

There was a pretty significant legal victory in the battle between local communities and the national advertising industry this week. It seems that the city of Oakland, California decided that one way to improve the town was to stop any new billboards and other outdoor advertisements. One of the ordinances prohibits ads on billboards designed […]

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The Golden Gate Billboard

There was an article in the NY Times today discussing the possibility of getting some sort of “sponsorship” for the Golden Gate Bridge. You know the idea of slapping advertising on everything has gotten bad when people are seriously discussing slapping ads on national treasures. What’s next? I giant “” sign below the Mount Rushmore […]

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Sáo Paulo Bans Outdoor Advertising in 2007

From last month’s New York Times and posted here in case it becomes difficult to access in the future. And a special note of hope to residents of the United States: as fantastic as a the Sáo Paulo ban sounds, remember that Vermont, Alaska, Hawaii, and Maine have all banned billboards in their state. There […]

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